Pharma-Filtrox (Depth Filtration)

HFI with its partner Filtrox offers a complete line of cellulosic depth filter sheets, modules (Lenticular modules) and capsules for use in the pharmaceutical industry. A broad array of depth filter grades, from coarse filtration through fine pre-filtration, is available to ensure maximum efficiency for every process. Depth filter sheets and modules provide an economical and efficient means of filtration for a wide variety of pharmaceutical and biological fluids. For example parenteral solutions, therapeutics, dialysis solutions, protein based products and cell culture products, cell separation applications.

BIO-SD is an innovate depth single use filtration system. This is the first depth filtration system taking advantage of alluvium technology in a disposable format. It can be used for a wide range of application like cell separation, clarification of fermentation broths and other difficult filtration applications.  In some cases can be used to replace centrifuges.

Please click here to see the Innovation Award for BIO SD at the recent 2012 Achema show.

Filtrox BIO SD Flyer_WEB