Introducing the FM3 for the Food Frying Industry


What is the FM3?

The FM3 is the 3rd generation of filter equipment developed by Filtercorp for the industrial market. The first two generation products utilized systems that were developed utilizing technologies that were already in use in by operations frying food. They were effective but not unique in any way, shape or form. The FM3 utilizes modules for treating oil that are contained in a bell housing. The system is fully contained and does not add anything to the oil.

Why is it unique?

The FM3 is designed to continuously treat frying oil to remove both crumbs and slow the formation of oil degradation products that can damage oil, reduce its useable life, adversely affect product quality and reduce shelf life.

You have referred several times to treating oil. I know that I should filter my oil. What is the difference between treatment and filtration?

We talk about treating oil to differentiate filtration from what we do. Filtration is traditionally a process designed to remove particulates from frying oil. Screens, paper and processes such as centrifugation will remove solid particles, but they do not have any direct effect on oil chemistry. Dr. Michael Blumenthal coined the term “passive filtration” when referring to this kind of system. The modules in the FM3 are a proprietary blend of materials that react with components in the oil and those released from the food to remove and/or alter them. The end result is better quality oil that produces better quality food. Treatment corresponds to what Dr. Blumenthal called “active filtration.” As an example, the FM3 modules will remove metals, such as calcium, magnesium and sodium from the oil.