About Heyes

With it’s headquarters in Torrance, California, Heyes’ Filters specializes in the purification of customers products in the Pharmaceutical industry. We guide our customers in the best use of filtration products and bio-containers.  In addition, we offer an exceptional purification program for the wine industry. Heyes Filters was founded in 1986, after the founders had established a base of knowledge working in the Pharmaceutical and Wine industry for 6 years.

Heyes has partnered with Meissner Filtration Products, Inc., manufacturing advanced microfiltration products for critical applications across the Pharmaceutical, BioProcessing, Biologicals, Food and Beverage and Chemical industries. The filters serve the complete microfiltration range, from sterilization through clarification and pre-filtration requirements.  We provide membrane material in PVDF, PES, PP and PTFE in configurations of discs, capsules, small flow elements, filter cartridges and high capacity UltraCap capsules.  Meissner makes instruments for testing filters as well.  Filtrox AG (Full line of depth pad and module media, Single use depth systems, Lenticular and plate filters, Single use and cleanable MWCO cassettes, and Koch Membrane Systems, manufactures of hollow fiber cross flow filter systems.

Heyes Filters has partnered with Filtrox AG for its depth filtration program for Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverage applications.  For the Pharma world, we offer both cleanable depth filtration products in sheet and  Lenticular modular formats as well as the sanitary stainless filter devices to hold these products.  In addition they have launched a new product for depth single use products called Bio-SD projects.

Heyes has partnered with Koch Membrane Systems for its hollow fiber cross flow filter systems.

Heyes Filters offers a partnership approach for its clients – helping customers handle on line process filtration issues with on-site support, i.e. demo’s of equipment, testing (we provide our own testing equipment) with industry expertise and experience to achieve useful solutions.