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Our elite technology is one of the reasons why we are a top provider of filtration in the Beer & Wine field. Our 30+ years of experience, especially in the Californian wine industry, has given us the tools we need to provide your best solution. We will work with you to find the best fit for your beer & wine needs. The Crossflow filter we have is one part of the latest technology in wine filtering. If you would like to check out Crossflow, our Lenticular filters, or our other applications, contact us to find your best solution.

What is a Crossflow?

The Crossflow filter is a new, amazing way to filter wine. The system works with a our booth at the Oregon Wine Symposium in 2017porous membrane and a steady flow of air. The air pushes the wine across the membrane which removes the solids and filters the wine with ease. Using Crossflow, we are able to keep more wine due to the constant stream of air not allowing the filter membrane to become full of solids.

Another benefit is the ease of operation. Our Crossflow machine is easy to use, and only needs set up. It is truly a “set it and forget it” machine. As well, the device uses no disposable products and the membrane lasts a long time before requiring a change.  Having a machine that saves more wine, is easy to use, and does not require a membrane change often is why we have a Crossflow filter in house. We also bring our filter around the California wine country. Contact us for availability.

Contact Us

We have tons of experience in the Beer & Wine world. Our entire team is very knowledgable and will work with you to solve your problem in the best, most efficient way. Call us at (310) 212-7777, or email us to start problem solving.

2 responses to “Beer & Wine Filtration”

  1. Alex Rabe says:

    Hi Greg and Mike,

    I am have moved from The Dudes’ to 4 Noses Brewing in Colorado! Could you send me a quote for a sock filter like we had at The Dudes?


  2. jared Etzel says:

    I am interested in purchasing one of your lenticular filters for our winery. Can I purchase directly from you? or do I have to go through a distributor?

    Best regards,
    Jared Etzel

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