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With it’s headquarters in Torrance, California, Heyes’ Filters specializes in the purification of customers products in the Pharmaceutical industry. We guide our customers in the best use of filtration products and bio-containers.  In addition, we offer an exceptional purification program for the wine industry. Heyes Filters was founded in 1986, after the founders had established a base of knowledge working in the Pharmaceutical and Wine industry for 6 years.

Heyes has partnered with Meissner Filtration Products, Inc., manufacturing advanced microfiltration products for critical applications across the Pharmaceutical, BioProcessing, Biologicals, Food and Beverage and Chemical industries. The filters serve the complete microfiltration range, from sterilization through clarification and pre-filtration requirements.  We provide membrane material in PVDF, PES, PP and PTFE in configurations of discs, capsules, small flow elements, filter cartridges and high capacity UltraCap capsules.  Meissner makes instruments for testing filters as well.  Filtrox AG (Full line of depth pad and module media, Single use depth systems, Lenticular and plate filters, Single use and cleanable MWCO cassettes, and Koch Membrane Systems, manufactures of hollow fiber cross flow filter systems.

Heyes Filters has partnered with Filtrox AG for its depth filtration program for Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverage applications.  For the Pharma world, we offer both cleanable depth filtration products in sheet and  Lenticular modular formats as well as the sanitary stainless filter devices to hold these products.  In addition they have launched a new product for depth single use products called Bio-SD projects.

Heyes has partnered with Koch Membrane Systems for its hollow fiber cross flow filter systems.

Heyes Filters offers a partnership approach for its clients – helping customers handle on line process filtration issues with on-site support, i.e. demo’s of equipment, testing (we provide our own testing equipment) with industry expertise and experience to achieve useful solutions.

What We Do

We use our experience to connect you with what you need. Heyes Filters Inc. has more than 30 years of experience working with a variety of industry filtration needs. Our field team has technological know how, and in-house demo capability. Our ability to match you with the perfect filter for your task saves you time and increases profit.

If you are stuck on a project, call the experts at Heyes Filters Inc.. We will work with you to come up with the best solution for you project.


We offer a wide range of filter media, filter configurations, and instruments for the Pharmaceutical industry. Our extensive knowledge gives us the skills to pair you with your best solution.  We have equipment for liquid, gas, sterilization, bioburden reduction, clarification and validation services, with discs, capsules, cartridges, and housings.  


Heyes Filters Inc., is a leading supplier of process filters for the Pharma, Biotech, Diagnostic, Medical Device and general Life Science industries.  Our understanding and knowledge of these processes and applications is our strength based on the 30 + years we have serviced this marketplace. We are fully conversant with the FDA regulatory requirements for the design and use of filtration products. This experience enables […]

Food & Beverage

As one of the West Coast’s leading suppliers of filters specifically designed for the Food & Beverage industry, Heyes Filters is able to offer a solution to meet all your filtration needs. Heyes Filters understanding and knowledge of Food & Beverage processes and applications is our strength.  This industry experience enables us to provide you with optimum filtration solutions for your particular process.  We have […]

Beer & Wine Filtration

Our elite technology is one of the reasons why we are a top provider of filtration in the Beer & Wine field. Our 30+ years of experience, especially in the Californian wine industry, has given us the tools we need to provide your best solution. We will work with you to find the best fit for your beer & wine needs. The Crossflow filter we […]



Corporate Office and Warehouse

Phone(310) 212-7777
Fax:  (310) 212-7779

1741 Torrance Blvd., “A”
Torrance, California 90501

Sales Manager
Greg Heyes

Greg brings a wealth of real world experience in a variety of established and breaking filtration technologies, combined with professional people skills and a strong ability to communicate effectively. Greg has been working in the filtration industry for 30 years. Greg started Heyes Filters 1986 after having spent 6 years working in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and food & beverage industries for other filter manufactures, most notably Pall and Cuno with the sole purpose of providing the best service possible to filtration users. He is a member of ISPE, PDA, and the Wine Institute, all great industry support organizations.

Cell Phone:  (310) 569-0521

Operations and Food and Beverage Manager & Northwest Regional Sales Manager
Mike Laffey

Before joining Heyes Filters in 2005 as our Operations Manager, Mike had been the Operations Manager at a chemical processor for 20 years. He has excellent operations experience and is very organized.  As a result, he is an asset to our customers when information is needed regarding all aspects of their purification requirements. This includes assistance with applications and stock needs.  Additionally Mike has become the resident expert in operating hollow fiber cross flow systems for the Pharma and Wine industries and is available for in house filtration trails and start-ups.

Cell Phone: (310) 487-1061

Shipping & Receiving

Chris Laffey

Chris has had his hands in many different job fields, adding very valuable resources to the Heyes Filters Inc. team. Since 2014, he has had the job title of warehouse manager. Chris handles all of the shipping and receiving duties here at Heyes, as well as, offering customer support on a daily basis.

Rama Murthy

Rama has been with Heyes Filters since 2003.  She has an MS in Accounting from The University of Madras, India and has passed the CA State Certified Public Accountant examination.  Having worked at the Bank of America and several Los Angeles area companies, she joined Heyes Filters Inc. as Controller.

Corporate Office: (310) 212-7777

 San Diego Regional Sales Manager
Shelby Crawford

Shelby, having grown up in San Diego, has a full understanding of the territory she manages. In addition, she has spent the last 11 years in the product development lab for Johnson & Johnson (Jansen Pharmaceuticals) gleaning scientific skills that carry over to her understanding of how to help our customers best use of our purification products. Shelby covers the San Diego and Riverside county areas for Heyes Filters and is available for in house filtration trails.

Cell Phone: (858) 943-1990

 Los Angles and Orange County Regional Sales Manager
Karen Brown

Since graduating  from Loyola Marymount University in Life Sciences, Karen has been assisting customers in our offices/warehouse and learning the fine details of our filtration and purification products as Customer Service Manager.  Now, having moved into the field as Territory Manager, she will be directly assisting customers with their needs.

Cell Phone: (310) 612-0541

Customer Service Manager
Kelly Jones

Kelly has many years of experience as a customer service manager.  Her duties include facilitating customer orders, placing purchase orders with our business partners, supplying product information and managing shipping logistics.

Corporate Office: (310)-212-7777

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